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How to Promote Content Without Spending a Dime

We’ve all been there. We create beautiful, well-written content, but our page views are less than stellar. How can you fix that, especially if you don’t have the budget to promote each and every post? I’m going to go over how to promote content for free -- yes, free!

Of course, free doesn’t mean effortless. You won’t have to spend extra money, but it’s still going to take some of your time and energy to succeed with these tactics.

How to Promote Content to Get It in Front of More Eyes

1. Social Media

Social media is the go-to tactic to promote content. While there are paid promotion features on every social network, there’s a lot of promotion features that you get for free.

For starters, post your content to your social media network.

And don’t just do it once. On many networks, people’s feeds get very full and busy. It’s easy to miss someone’s post on the first go-around. For this reason, you might want to post your content 2-3 times throughout the week.

Vary your messaging a little every time to see what works and avoid the appearance of spamming people’s feeds.

Second, include links in your bio that directs people to new content.

This is particularly helpful in Instagram, where you cannot post links within your post itself. Instead, post a link to new content or use a tool like tap.bio or LinkTree to connect your audience to your most recent posts.

In other networks, it’s still a good idea to include a link to new content or your blog in general right within your bio.

2. Email Newsletters

Have you started collecting emails yet? If you haven’t, this is my subtle reminder that it is an important part of your strategy that you do.

And once you have your audience’s email address, you can use those to promote your content. But make sure to do it in a non-spammy way that brings value to your audience.

Write your email in a friendly tone. Present a problem or concern that many in your audience face and then highlight your most recent post as a key way to address that problem.

One of the secrets to a successful email newsletter is the subject line. Use a subject line that creates curiosity in your audience -- perhaps a question or a bold statement that will make them want to read more.

Emails are an incredible content promotion tactic that surprisingly many underutilize. Create a strategy that will put your best content forward.

3. Email Signature

Within every email -- not promotional ones -- you have crucial space with which to promote your latest posts.

Where is that?

Within your email signature.

That’s right. Every email app I’ve ever seen allows you to customize your email signature line so that it appears in every email. Use this feature to your advantage.

Along with your name, job position, and company name, include a small snippet that links to your posts, such as…

Check out my latest posts:

  • X Ways to....
  • Why You Should Never…

Or simply link to your blog itself, with a snippet that goes a little like this…

Want the latest information on XYZ industry trends? Click here to see my latest blog posts...

These subtle cues within your email signature have the potential to reach as many people as you can email!

4. Online Communities

Outside of traditional social media, there are many online communities where industry-specific audiences gather to ask questions and see what’s new. Examples of such communities include Quora and Reddit.

Granted, you don’t want to just pop up in these communities, promote your content, and then leave. This comes off as purely self-serving. Instead, be there for the community as a whole. Answer questions, even when it’s not an explicit opportunity to promote your content.

Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to promote your content and help your community. For example, if someone asks a direct question and you have a piece of content that answers it well and thoroughly, then share it.

As a whole, this strategy helps to build connections that will serve you over the long haul, so take the time to check in and engage within these communities.

5. Guest Posts

Many well-established brands with large audiences offer guest post opportunities. This is where you can write a piece of content for their site. In exchange, you will be able to include a bio at the bottom of the post with a link back to your blog.

Guest posting is a wonderful way to get your name in front of new audiences and entice new people back to your blog to see more of your work.

Look for brands that are within your industry. If you are in B2B, you might look into writing for such brands as Inc or Entrepreneur. Research their requirements for guest posting and create a pitch that outlines new and unique content ideas


Now you know how to promote content, for free. I hope these tactics help you to boost your content’s views and engagement.

Happy content creation!

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