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Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Questions Every Brand Should Ask Themselves

It’s time to take your content marketing strategy for its checkup. Just like at the doctor’s office, there are a few routine questions that we need to ask ourselves to make sure that our content strategy is healthy and growing the way it should.

Ready for your checkup?

Let’s get into the 3 questions you should ask about your strategy -- and what you need to do if the answers fall short of perfect health.

3 Questions Every Brand Should Ask About Their Content Marketing Strategy

What are my goals?

Goals are important. So if your initial reaction to this question is, “I’d have to check,” or “I don’t know” then I’d hazard a guess that you need new goals.

Why are these important?

For the simple reason that your strategy needs direction.

Sure, every brand wants to increase sales and brand awareness. But this is like getting in the car and saying “I want to go West” -- without a specific destination in mind, you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere with no idea how you got there.

On the other hand, if you say, “I want to go to Los Angeles, California, you can map out your route, how much you will need to spend on gas, and even plan out what you will see along the way. At every step, you’ll know how far you’ve come and how far you need to go to reach your destination.

The same holds true with content marketing goals. When you have a goal, or destination in mind, you will find it easier to plan out your strategy and get results.

But there are a few parameters that every goal should meet. We call these SMART goals. These are goals which are…

  • Specific -- Be as specific as you can with your goals -- achieve X page views, Y% email open rate, etc.
  • Measurable -- Make sure it’s something you can actually measure. We need specific numbers and data to show progress.
  • Achievable -- Don’t make your goals impossible to reach. That’s just plain old frustrating and depressing.
  • Relevant -- Make it relevant to your brand and overall strategy. If it really doesn’t fit into your brand’s big picture, then it doesn’t need to be measured.
  • Time-bound -- You don’t want to be measuring forever. Set a time limit, such as “within 2 months” and work toward that.

If you haven’t created goals in a while, then your strategy is probably losing direction. Give it the direction it needs with some fresh, actionable goals.

When was the last time I updated my content marketing strategy?

Every year we see content marketing change, sometimes by leaps and bounds. There are new tools, new updates to Google’s search algorithms, and even new best practices across the board.

If you do not review and update your content strategy, then you could find yourself far behind your competition.

For example, over the past 10 years, we’ve seen incredible developments with artificial intelligence. There have been new social media features. We even have new social networks, such as Clubhouse, that are helping brands in new and surprising ways.

If it’s been a while since you updated your strategy, why not take some time to look at the latest content tactics, tools, and trends? You might find something that will rejuvenate and re-energize your strategy.

Am I happy with my content marketing strategy?

Do you see the progress that you want? Are you excited about the opportunities? Are you revved up about your content marketing tactics? If not, it probably isn’t serving you anymore. And just like the wardrobe you’ve had for over 30 years, it’s time for a makeover.

Look into new strategies or tools that will kick your strategy up a notch.

For example, a lot of brands hesitate to use video in their content strategy, despite it being one of the fastest-growing content trends across B2B and B2C brands. If you’re one of those people, make this the year that you invest in video content.

Or perhaps you are bored with the same old content tactics. You create a top-10 blog post every week, you promote it on social media… and then start the process all over again.

Instead, spice up your strategy with new content formats like infographics, video courses, or ebooks. Mix in social media strategies like collaborating with an industry influencer or promoting a contest on your channel. Throw in new content ideas that will shock or interest your audience.

If your content strategy excites you, it will be more likely to draw in your audience.

So, how do you feel after your content marketing strategy checkup? I hope that these questions have helped you to approach your strategy with renewed vigor and even address some areas that need help.

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