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3 New LinkedIn Features That You Might Not Know About

Since its conception, LinkedIn has always been a hub of activity for brands and professionals. And with new LinkedIn features, it has become an even more powerful tool!

Whether you are a freelancer, a small brand, or a professional who is looking to stand out on the network, these new LinkedIn features can help you reach your goals.

I’ve recently discovered this for myself.

I have used LinkedIn for years as my online resume -- and it’s great for that. But it’s easy to just set it up and ignore it… When we do that, though, we miss out on some of the best feature updates.

And that’s why I wanted to write this post. I thought that you, like me, may have missed some of these important new features and wanted to let you in on some of the updates.

Plus, stay tuned to the end for some features that we can look forward to seeing soon.

3 New LinkedIn Features That You May Not Know About

1. List Your Services

As small businesses and freelancers, we rely heavily on word of mouth.

LinkedIn’s new services page feature helps you to get the word out about your services, with the ability to add more detailed information about what you do. It also gives you the choice to make these services public.

So, for instance, anyone searching for a “blogging” service will get a list of everyone who has listed this service on their profile -- and that list might even include me!

People can even review your services page. This will undoubtedly strengthen your word of mouth strategy. With other people leaving positive reviews, it strengthens your page and may very well lead to additional clients.

2. Mobile App Analytics

A brand’s LinkedIn page is a powerful tool. But, as with all tools, you need to be able to measure it’s progress and effectiveness, which can be hard if you’re someone who’s always on the go.

Now, however, LinkedIn makes it easy to access its suite of analytics from anywhere, right from the mobile app. This takes out the stress of having to access a desktop or laptop computer and puts the power literally right in the palm of your hand.

These metrics will include impressions and engagement rates for what’s happening on your page, whether it’s organic or paid.

3. Project Requests

Now members who use LinkedIn’s ProFinder can fill out a Project Request and specify which services they need for a specific project. Then LinkedIn will point them to professional freelancers who have listed those services on their page.

This harkens back to our number one feature -- the ability to create a services page -- and makes it essential that users create their own services page. You never know what new clients might contact you through LinkedIn simply because of these new features!

And before we wrap this up...

Other New Features Set to Come Out Soon...

But, wait! There’s more!

No, seriously, there actually is more…

There are a handful of features that LinkedIn has announced will be soon be coming out, either first in Beta or directly to all users. Here are the big ones…

  • Dark mode -- That’s right! Save your eyes and experience LinkedIn in an even easier way, with the ability to switch to dark mode.
  • Audio -- Clubhouse has rocked the social media community this past year with its entirely audio platform. And LinkedIn is fast on its heels. They’ve announced that they’re working on an audio chat feature that will allow users to interact in an audio format. It will be interesting to see how this one goes.
  • Learning Hub -- This new feature, set to come out soon, is the next step in the LinkedIn Learning platform that users already love. It will allow companies to aggregate content to specifically help their employees learn new skills and see what other skills professionals in their industry are learning, so that they are always up to speed.

So there you have it -- three new LinkedIn features that are already available for you to use and love. And three others that you can look forward to seeing soon.

If there are any other new features that you just can’t keep quiet about, please share them in the comments below!